Static swim belt

Limitless swimming
in your own pool.

The Static swim belt is the
equivalent of an exercise bike
or treadmill.

Now it's gonna be cool in the pool

Swimming without turning

From relaxed swimming to ambitious fitness programs, you can swim in all styles.
Its simplicity and great wearing comfort bring success.
Wearing comfort check Fabrication check
Simple assembly check Compact set check
The benefit check Spare parts available check

Freedom is there where are no limits


Pool Family

We are a real pool family. On nice days we are all the same. in the pool. Since I am glad I have the marathon static swim belt, so I can swim in my corner while the kids play in the other and splash around. My wife now already wants her own swim belt. We also take it with us on holiday, you never know how big the pool is or how many people are swimming.

Peter F.


I have been working in the field for years and have a lot to do with people. When I get home I am happy, I can relax and swim in the pool. After half an hour I am like a new person. When I'm not swimming, I use the home trainer, it's almost the same, I don't have to watch out for anything, no red light or road damage. I love to pedal and swim.

Karl H.


I am very glad that I have the Marathon Static swim belt. I have successfully lost weight with a diet. Now I have too much skin. What bothered me the most were the upper arms, which you can't hide well on warm summer days. But swimming has already visibly improved them. The other problem areas, such as the legs, the poo and the stomach, have also improved noticeably.

Lara G.


I'm in the middle of my sports studies. I still live with my parents and am glad that I have a pool here. With me everything revolves around sport. If I'm not on the bike or in the gym, I swim. Swimming is the ideal balance. With the Marathon Static swim belt I swim more efficiently than without it, I can concentrate fully on my movements and breathing. No turning, just brilliant.

Marc Sch.

Swimming Club Sonnenrain

At our swimming club we use the Marathon Static swim belt mainly for swimming studies. As a trainer, I don't have to run after and see the smallest mistakes. We also take underwater pictures with a camera. So you see the water turbulences and air bubbles super. Fast success.

Hans N.


With my 68 years I am very happy I found the Marathon Static swim belt. My joints leave almost nothing to do with sports and fitness. Since I've been swimming for quite some time, I'm doing quite well. I've been swimming with the harness for a short time and it's gotten even better. I use the rubber bands also for a little Aquafit

Ralf S.



With the Static swim belt you swim in a small pool without turning. It is possible to complete a full training. Your condition will increase from day to day...
The Static swim belt stands out for its high wearing comfort, which has an effect on your training. You will forget the time....

The Static swim belt makes fun. That's why it will affect for your training and your health. Without focusing on anything else, just swim, swim and swim...
With the Static Swimbelt you'll improve your swimming style. The coach can watch you well or you film yourself swimming. Since you do not swim away, this will be easy...

‘A day without sport is a lost day, not everyone has to see it that way. But your visits to the pool will be more.’